Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Boston Strangler @ PBW 2/15/15

Had to rush to get out of work to make this one...

Boston Strangler


Cro-Mags @ Los Globos

Second show for the night... another great SOS booking production!



Boston Strangler @ Los Globos 2/14/15

I've been waiting for this while...

Boston Strangler


Multple Truths photo exhibit @ Superchief Gallery 2/7/15

If you haven't guess by now I love art as much I as I do hardcore. When the worlds collide I am like a kid on Christmas... A photo exhibit with punk legends Chrissy Piper and Martin Sorrondeguy was that present!!!

Chrissy Piper


Give @ East 7th Punx 1/30/15

So what do I do when I get kicked out of a show, well I find another show. Give in DTLA!
Suprise guest being Jason Farrell...

Give -Jason Swiz 


xtrmst @ the Observatory 1/30/15

Second show for XTRMST and I was stupid and got kicked out... lesson learned kids - don't use yr flash when your not suppose too. My fault but I saw Hierress and Living Eyes so it's all good.



Enough Said @ PBW 1/23/15

Harms Way show at PBW but I could only stay for two bands... Enough Said and Done Dying.

Enough Said